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Making It Big In Real Estate Business In Nigeria

If there is any business in Nigeria that is truly lucrative and extremely profitable, it has to be Real Estate business in Nigeria. Most of the top billionaires in Nigeria are real estate investors. The business is a money spinner to the highest level. Real Estate is currently booming in Nigeria and people are making […]

Mortgage in Nigeria

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What to know before buying land?

When purchasing land or property in Nigeria, a prospective purchaser of any property (or normally his solicitor) should have two main concerns: First, he or she must be sure that the vendor of the property is really entitled to sell it. Thus, the buyer must first insist that the vendor proves that his legal title […]

5 Land Investment Myths and Facts

In the real estate circle, there are beliefs, ideas and submissions that have been commonly maintained for such a long time that they are true but in reality, they are nothing but land investment myths. Before we highlight some land investment myths in Nigeria, let’s start by defining what a myth is. What is a […]

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